This website brings sales, digital media, user experience and customer experience together.

For over a decade, I navigated the dynamic realms of B2B and B2C sales, embracing roles in customer service, renewals, customer success, account management, lead development, and business development management. This journey began after completing my business studies, which was soon followed by an enriching sojourn across Europe. There, I not only wandered through its rich tapestry of cultures but also honed my linguistic prowess in Spanish, German, and English.

In 2013, a new chapter unfolded as I delved into the world of psychology, pursuing part-time studies alongside my role in IBM’s digital sales centre. This academic pursuit culminated in a pivotal transition to Crayon, where my career evolved from a sales executive to a business development manager.

However, a thirst for creativity and a passion for the digital landscape beckoned. This led me to undertake an MSc in Digital Media and Design, an adventure that was more than academic—it was a quest to unravel the secrets of engaging customers online, building vibrant communities, and crafting unparalleled customer journeys.

Immersing myself in the intersection of digital sales, user experience, customer experience, and marketing, I sought answers to a pivotal question: How can one create a customer experience so delightful that it fosters enduring loyalty?

Enter the Digital Creativity Platform: a culmination of this quest, embodying the synthesis of AI innovation and field expertise. This platform isn’t just a tool; it’s a testament to a journey of professional growth and a commitment to elevating customer experiences to unprecedented heights. Here, customer happiness isn’t just an outcome; it’s a guiding principle.